SPW SupremeCAST #4: Brian Tannen


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SupremeCAST #4: Brian Reid, better known to SPW fans as Brian Tannen, has managed to accomplish a lot in a short period of time. On this episode of SPW Supremecast the big man opens up about his past, what got him into wrestling, his experiences early on in the ring, his eventual time spent in the WWE Developmental System, and his subsequent return to Northern California. Brian is candid, honest, and full of energy during a conversation that could have easily gone another hour without hesitation. Please listen, share, and make sure you get out to the SPW Arena every third Sunday of the month for some incredible professional wrestling!

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The SPW Training Academy has been training wrestlers for over 15 years and in that time has turned out the cream of the crop in Northern California wrestling and beyond. Former members of the SPW Academy include current WWE official Bao Nguyen (Bonzai Bruce Bukkake), former NXT wrestler Tony Briggs (Brian Tannen), former WWE and current Lucha Underground star Johnny Mundo (Johnny Onyx/John Morrison), former TNA and AAA  star Christina Von Eerie, current Evolve star Timothy Thatcher, and members of nearly all rosters in Northern California!

Current trainers include former Olympian and current Lucha Underground star Jeff Cobb, CJay Kurz, Sir Samurai, JR Kratos, and we also have a catch wrestling coach that was a student of legend Billy Robinson.

The cost is 100 dollars a month and training is Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday evenings at 6pm. Visit site for more details (listed below).


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