Sister Kali & Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence : BCBC Podcast s1e5

(Sisters Perpetual Indulgence & Kali’s voyage)

This is Sister Kali~ from the Sisters Perpetual Indulgence. Her name is a lot longer and hilarious, listen to the episode to find out more about how she got her name.

Sister Kali~ is a member of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence from San Diego, CA. The Sisters have been a guiding force and involved in charity, protests, and are a street performance organization that uses Drag and religious imagery to call attention to sexual intolerance and satirizes issues of gender and morality. But this is only the surface.

In this first episode on our series about Sex-Positive-Performers:
We learn more about Sister Kali herself, the Sisters, how to become a member, where you can see them, and so much more.

Sister Kali~ is informative, interesting, and a delight. Please enjoy.

Where to learn more about the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence:
Contact Sister Kali:
Main Site:
Sacramento Sisters:

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