Sinclair Sexsmith on BDSM : BCBC Podcast s1e8

(BDSM, Workshops, and more)

Our series on BDSM continues with an insightful talk with Sinclair Sexsmith.

Sinclair is a writer and teacher, and they lead workshops online and at colleges about using identity and power as tools for liberation. That’s a fancy way of saying that they write and study ways of becoming more themselves. Through fields like feminism, queerness, trans & genderqueer genders, BDSM & kink, the transformative power of creative expression, and a variety of spiritual practices, they study themself and the places where they interact with the world.

After years of studying erotic embodiment, they are part of a collaborative that founded Body Trust in 2014 with the mission to do more radically inclusive erotic embodiment work.

Currently, they travel during the fall and spring around to colleges and give workshops, and they run e-courses online regularly, including Submissive Playground an 8-week course jam-packed with curated content from D/s experts and guests, each of the 4 units has materials to consume, an experiment to do (on your own or with a dominant), and homework to complete.

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