ReWATCH: The Rockford Files – Season 1, Episode 12: Profit & Loss Pt. 1

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Season 1, Episode 12:┬áJim Rockford’s garbage disposal is clogged. He doesn’t know how it happened, but he has a pretty good idea who did it… Rocky. While trying to fix it, Jim is visited by a worried suit who refuses to give his name or any details as to why he needs help. While Jim was in the process of declining the job two goons push their way into the trailer, knock out our favorite PI, and kidnap the suit! This starts a chain reaction that embroils Rockford in a feud with FDI, Fiscal Dynamics Inc, a hot commodity on the stock market, lead by a ruthless CEO. Will Jim make it out of this one alive? If he does, will he stay out of jail? And will he ever get that garbage disposal fixed? All that and some random chatter inspired by the show on this episode of ReWATCH: The Rockford Files!

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