Coffee Date Podcast #9: Gilmore Girls 1.09 “Rory’s Dance”

ReWATCHGilmoreGirls_PodcastArtSeason 1, Episode 9: This week Glory and Junior join Rory as she attends her first Chilton dance with her beau, Dean in “Rory’s Dance.” Of course there are wrinkles-o-plenty for both Rory and Rory’s mother, Lorelai, who has to deal with her mother, Emily, who seems extra needy this week while Richard is out of the country for business. Will Rory and Dean have a nice time at the dance? Will Rory’s mortal enemies, Tristan and Paris, get in the way of her good time? Will Glory and Junior make it through the episode without Junior making a fool out of himself? Brew up some coffee and give it a listen to find out the answers to these questions and more!

We also discuss a really sweet listener letter sent to us from Emily K.! Thanks for the kind words, Emily!

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