Dante Demoan & Rebel Kings of Oakland : BCBC Nugget s1e2

(Dante Demoan talks about Drak Kings)

Durning HethreBeth’s trip to Oakland, CA to see the show and interview members of the Rebel Kings of Oakland at the RKO: Whitehorse, she also had a chance to talk with Dante Demoan. Here is our second BCBC Nugget Podcast on Drag Kings and the Rebel Kings of Oakland.

We are all probably familiar with a raucous Drag Queen show. YOu know big personalities, bigger hair, and amazing performances.
Well, flip the gender script and make it EVEN WILDER and you will understand the appeal of the Rebel Kings.

Dante Demoan is a sheep in wolf’s clothing, Dante can often be found staging video game numbers, re-enacting Dungeons and Dragons, playing the requisite schoolboy, or, for something completely different, starring in elaborate BDSM scenes. Demoan has been a regular performer at the White Horse since before June 2010, when Rebel Kings of Oakland was founded.

Learn more about the Rebel Kings:

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