Mickey Finn & Rebel Kings of Oakland : BCBC Nugget s1e1

(Mickey Finn talks about Drag Kings)

We are still bringing you even more amazing Sex-Positive Performer interviews. In this, our FIRST BCBC Nugget (our shorter, tiny, and a bit cutesier podcasts) HethreBeth takes a trip to Oakland, CA to see and interview members of the Rebel Kings of Oakland at the RKO: Whitehorse.

We are all probably familiar with a raucous Drag Queen show. YOu know big personalities, bigger hair, and amazing performances.
Well, flip the gender script and make it EVEN WILDER and you will understand the appeal of the Rebel Kings.

In this first of two interviews, our very own HethreBeth has a chance to talk with Mickey Finn.

Mickey Finn is the de facto artistic director of the Rebel Kings of Oakland, Mickey Finn is a resident choreographer, costume master, and jack-of-all-trades stagecraft, not to mention a fantastic performer in their own right. Finn specializes in genderfucking, burlesque and boi-lesque, and everything dance and dominatrix. You never know what they’ll be bringing to the stage!

Learn more about the Rebel Kings:

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