Rankin & Bruce #3: The Revenant (2015) plus Oscar Controversy Talk


Episode 3: LEO’S and HARDY’S and BEARS, OH MY! It’s Revenant week here on Rankin & Bruce, and to get into the mood, they’ve relocated to a remote location deep within the arctic circle, never before podcasted from. Okay, not really, but they do gather into the Dirty Garage Studios to talk about Leo’s forbidden encounter with a bear, Tom Hardy’s mumbling, and how racist those pesky Oscars are… or are they? Throw on your favorite bear skin, comb over that scalp scar, and prepare yourself for cinema conversatin’ unlike anything you’ve heard before! Be sure to send us your thoughts at: rankinandbrucepodcast@gmail.com!

Time Stamps:

[00:00 – 03:25] – Opening
[03:26 – 04:26] – The Revenant Trailer
[04:27 – 24:39] – SPOILER FREE Revenant Discussion
[24:40 – 37:40] – SPOILERIFIC Revenant Discussion
[37:41 – 39:13] – Grizzly Adams theme “Home” (The Revenant Remix)
[39:14 – 58:10] – Oscar Controversy Discussion
[58:11 – 01:00:56] – Closing

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