The KWF Podcast – The Ultimate Twist! M Night Returns (Episode 19)


Episode 19: Against all odds, Writer/Director/Mind F*cker
M Night Shyamalan has returned with a new film that’s being generally well received. For Ole’ M Night, after suffering a string of poorly received films at a rapid fire succession, that’s stellar. ‘Split’ is the film that spurs this episode’s discussion on twist endings in cinema.

Your host Kyle Flaharty (who knows a lot about twists, just look at his mustache) and frequent co-host Josh Stone break down memorable twists from all through out movie history. Clever twists, laughable twists, and some twists so grotesque they’re just plain unforgettable to movie fans.

There are spoilers  all throughout this episode for various movies, so consider yourself warned! And if you haven’t had a chance to see ‘Split’, definitely steer clear of the final 20 minutes or so of this podcast. Other than that, enjoy!

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