The KWF Podcast – Disney Is A Beast (Episode 20)

Episode 20: Join your host Kyle Flaharty and his guest Aaliyah Chapman in this BEAST of an episode. First off, they discuss a handful of films that 2017 has offered so far, and the surprising box office surge that the first quarter of the year has brought to our theater doorsteps.

Then, it’s a discussion on the Beastly giant of a company that looms over the entire entertainment industry: Disney.

Specifically, we’re talking about the latest trend that Disney films are following, and that’s remaking animated classics as live action feature films. Which so far, like most of their cinematic endeavors, has resulted in box office dominance.

That’s an actual photo of Disney Executives celebrating a great opening weekend for the latest live action incarnation , The Beauty and the Beast .  It’s the main subject of discussion between Kyle (who still hasn’t seen it) and Aaliyah (who has!).

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