The KWF Podcast – Rutger Hauer Power Hour (Episode 9)

Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 6.12.16 PMEpisode 9: Join your podcast host Kyle Flaharty as he and his esteemed guests Steve and Andrew break down two films starring an American hero/actor: Rutger Hauer. 

The films being discussed: Blind Fury (1989); a film in which Rutger Hauer plays a blind Vietnam Vet who is a master swordsman that gets wrapped up in a crime scandal and has to do what he does best to protect the life of a young boy. 

And, Omega Doom (1996): Rutger Hauer is Omega Doom, a robot in an apocalyptic future where humans and various factions of robots fight to be the only living race on a decrepit planet. 

This is the Rutger Hauer Power Hour, because the Rutger Hauer Power 40 Minutes just isn’t as catchy. 


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