The KWF Podcast – McPoyle Goes West, A Westworld Recap (Episode 17)

Join your host Kyle Flaharty, and his frequent guest Josh Stone as they breakdown the events of the first season of Westworld.

We’ve now experienced the first season in full. It was a complex tale of artificial intelligence, using violence for entertainment, and what makes a being “real”.

The twists, the discovery, the murder, the robo-insanity that this show delivered was more than enough to keep us waiting every week for the next piece of the puzzle. Who is Arnold? What are Ford’s real motives? What about the Man in Black? Where on Earth is this futuristic them park even located?? Get ready for a SPOILER filled discussion (don’t even think about listening to this if you haven’t seen the show, for real), there’s SO MUCH to unpack in this incredible first season.

Get your hat and your boots, it’s time to lasso up some life-like Androids and ride off onto the Robot Range. *Yee Haw* (Robot Voice).

Intro Music – The Maze by Ramin Djawadi

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