Kitten Khaous – Goth Princess : BCBC Podcast s1e6

(Drag Shows, Burlesque, and Performance Art)

Continuing with our Sex-Positive Performer series, we meet Kitten Khaous and learn about her many live performances including drag shows, burlesque dancing, and performance art pieces. Kitten is a delight to talk with and an inspired artist.

Kitten Khaous has been doing public performances as a gender queer performer from 2010 to 2016. Kitten has performed in a wide range of venues including burlesque shows, belly dancing, traditional and non-traditional drag shows. She has a degree in fine arts with an emphasis in performance art from the University of Nevada Las Vegas, Nevada. She has performed with Sharron Needles of Ru Paul’s Drag Race fame.

Kitten would call herself a performing artist and living artwork. She is an over the top Goth Princess, Rock-a-Billy girl, 50’s Psycho Hostess.
Kitten currently lives and works in Richmond VA.

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