DRUNK HECKLE TWEET: The Podcast- Episode 4 Part B: National Treasure

Here is the secod half to the drunk fest that was NATIONAL TREASURE

Tonite we may have had a tiny bit too many and the movie had to be uploaded as two different parts. Blame it on being a while since we last recorded OR blame the fact we brought a couple friends along. Apparently if you drink too much you forget you are recording and you just keep talking so much the file is too large to send out into the interwebby.

So tonite we take on a flick starring the Patron Saint of Drunk Heckle Tweet, Mr. Nic Cage.


Please dust off your DVD or fire up your streaming service and drink up so you can join us.

If you want to Tweet along your jokes to National Treasure OR making fun of us please use the hashtag #200YearOfTermiteDamageAndRot

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