DRUNK HECKLE TWEET: The Podcast! Episode 2: Rise Of The Silver Surfer

What Is THIS?

DRUNK (we are very very very inebriated)

HECKLE (we make fun of the bad movie we are watching)

TWEET (how we used to do this)

: The Podcast! (how we NOW do this too)

Do you get it?

Today’s Drunken Feature comes to us from the bygone age where Superhero movies didn’t fully control everything we say and do yet. Here we sit down and watch the sequel to a movie that did poorly with both critics and movie goers alike. So how did they get a sequel? Who the hell cares! Without getting a sequel we would probably had to resort to a modern day Nic Cage flick for our episode.

So find FANTASTIC FOUR: The Rise Of The Silver Surfer streaming. Download it. Or if you for some reason own this flick put it in your player and destroy it when you are done. Because we are DRUNK and it’s time to HECKLE…

Rise Of The Silver Surfer

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