DRUNK HECKLE TWEET: the Podcast Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back

Yes…Yes…that’s it…Let the Hate Mail flow…and flow it did…and it feeds us…your hate fuels our podcast….yes…yes…good…

We here at DRUNK HECKLE TWEET: the Podcast want to issue another warning to our dear listeners.


No. Seriously. Avoid this at all costs.

See, Jaye and Karene are not what you would call “fans” of this franchise. Jaye grew up being forced to watch it with an older brother and then later be obsessed girlfriends. Karene just never cared as a child about it, to the point where she doesn’t even recall if she has seen them all.

So. To “honor” the upcoming May the Fourth be with you (and also with you). We here at DHT decided to “celebrate” by ripping into another of the most loved flicks they could think of STAR WARS Episode V: THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK

We reached out to several Star Wars fans to see if they wanted to join us. We got one. ONE with the Light Saber BIG ENOUGH to come take us on.

Thank you HOUSE OF DOODLE for joining us to try and defend this franchise. Did she remain a fan? Did we turn her toward the Dark Side? Did Jaye reveal he knows more than he is letting on about Stars Wars? STAY TUNED

Again…if you are a “fan” turn back now. Unless you can take a joke…in which case, ENJOY!

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Good Luck and May the Force Be With YOU!

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