As promised DHT Podcast will be dropping new episodes more often.

Pour yourself a shot (or 5), sit back, find your copy (or borrow a friend’s copy) of the flick SINISTER and get ready to rip it apart.

This week our VIP Guest is Alexis Villanueva (local artist and small business woman HOUSE OF DOODLE). Show her love by finding her at a con near you and purchase some of her amazing work. She also does commissions.

Here at Drunk Heckle Tweet: the Podcast we aim to please. We get drunk. We watch not very good movies. We mostly make fun of the movie. HOWEVER while drunk we get way off topic and at times (as long time listeners can confirm) we even forget the movie is playing. But to be fair…if you look at the movies we have done so far it isn’t like we missed much.

If you have a suggestion for a movie for us to try please TWEET us at @JayeOfManyHats OR @OhTallOneKSV and let us know (especially if you want to join us)

Until next time…Bottoms Up!!!


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