CinePLEXED 90: Demolition Man (1993)


demolition_manEpisode 90: It’s Easter week so we’re watching and discussing the early 90’s sci-fi flick, Demolition Man! You might be thinking to yourself, “Hey, Demolition Man isn’t about Easter!” and you’d be right. It isn’t. However, we don’t care. When it came down to a vote of what to watch this week, Passion of the Christ or Demolition Man, Demolition Man won in a landslide. Listen as the guys discuss the film that made Sandra Bullock famous, as well as put the final nail in the coffin of early 90’s neon hip hop fashion. Also one of them plays a serious case of Devil’s Advocate and riles a little dander.

In our Best & Worst of the Week we talk Stop at Nothing: The Lance Armstrong Story, Swan Lake, and more!

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