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CinePLEXED 86: The 6th Day (2000) Vs. The One (2001)

The 6th Day VS The One

The-One-2001-Tamil-Dubbed-Movie-DvDTHE-6TH-DAYEpisode 86 brings the return of Cinema Thunderdome, where we throw two movies into a steel cage of debate, and the big loser dies a horrible death! This time out we’re pitting two films featuring multiple versions of the main character against each other: THE 6TH DAY starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, and THE ONE starring Jet Li! It’s Austrians versus Asians! Body Building vs Karate! Clones vs Alternate Universes! Which dated science fiction feature will come out on top? Listen and find out!

Best & Worst of the Week involves some “The Walking Dead” talk, a short film by friend of the show, Rocco Magsam (of The Mouths of Madness Podcast Show), “The Last Man on Earth”, “Parks & Rec”, and Nick Offerman’s AMERICAN HAM. We also had a chance to sit down with returning “celebrity guest” and star of one of our main features this week, Ahnold Schwarzenegger. Arnold shares why he loves stogies so much, and addresses the rumor that he will be appearing in the next Fast & Furious film thanks to his good buddy, Jason Statham!

Be sure to weigh in on the show with a comment below. Which film do you think should win the battle? Let us know!

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