CinePLEXED 85: Masters of the Universe (1987) plus 2nd Annual Tri-Valley Oscar Draft Results

Masters-Of-The-Universe-8f233a5cIt’s Episode 85 and this week’s special guest is Brian “BK” Kohler, one half of the dynamic duo that is The Friendship Podcast! He joins us to discuss the late 80’s “classic,” Masters of the Universe! Dolphin Lutigren stars as He-Man, and Frank Langella stars as Skeletor. There’s a bunch of Cox somewhere in there, too. The gang breaks down this based-on-a-toy-line franchise, and they don’t all agree.In addition to that we bring you our 2nd Annual Tri-Valley Oscar Draft Results, as well as this week’s Best & Worst featuring some iron, angry txts, and some gritty Power Rangers.

Thank you for listening, and enjoy!

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Here you go: IMDb | Rotten Tomatoes | Wikipedia

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