Coffee Date Podcast #23: Gilmore Girls 2.02 “Hammers and Veils”


This week Glory and Junior discuss “Hammer and Veils” which conjures up all sorts of tangential conversation! Seriously, we get off topic a lot on this episode, and for you “show recap” purists, we do apologize. We had fun though, and you get a deeper look into who we are and what our family lives are like… so we hope you enjoy that. Anyway, lots going on with this episode of Gilmore Girls. Rory and Dean can’t figure out if they’re mad or not at each other; Lorelai and Emily are also going back and forth; Jackson and Max seem to be men trapped in uncomfortable circumstances totally out of their control; and Michel exercises self control; and one of the characters has THE UGLIEST moment on the show yet! It’s all here, all happening, so brew a pot of coffee and strap them headphones on because it’s time for your weekly coffee date… podcast!

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