Andrew Gurza & Sex and Disability : BCBC Podcast s1e4

(Discussing Sex & Disability and his podcast)

On this episode, we talk to Andrew Gurza about Sex and Disability and his incredible work and podcast, Disability After Dark.

Andrew is a Disability Awareness Consultant. He brings with him a unique combination of lived experience as a disabled man with Cerebral Palsy, as well as a professional expertise from building a brand aimed at bringing those experiences to the public conscience.

DisabilityAfterDark is aimed at talking about sexuality and disability. There is so much fear, discomfort, and misinformation around sex and disability
out there today. Through DisabilityAfterDark, Andrew shines a big bright light on how sexuality and disability feels for real – uncensored.

s1e6: Brown Chicken Brown Cow Podcast –
Andrew Gurza – Sex and Disability

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