42 STRAINS: Is This Goodbye?

42 Strains Episode 13: IS THIS GOODBYE?

Welcome back one more time to 42 STRAINS.

This is the very Thirteenth episode of our little PotCast.

What is a PotCast? It’s a podcast about pot. I thought that was pretty self explanatory, why did you ask? Our hosts Surfer Dan and Double A sit down (because they get tired of standing), smoke (because it’s good for you and fun), and review different strains for the medical marijuana community. 42 Strains strives to be as entertaining as it is informative.

In this episode Surfer Dan and Double A say a Goodbye of sorts. You see Double A and his amazing fiancee, the gorgeous Roo are moving to LaLaLand. What does this mean for the show?

Just that episodes will happen…well when they happen honestly. Surfer Dan and the beautiful Peaches  may still get together and record. Roo and Double A may do some reviews of strains down south for us. In November as we gear up for the election that WILL finally legalize marijuana in CA recreationally we will do some episodes urging you to be a responsible stoner and get out and vote.

So are we going away? Sort of

Will we be back? OF COURSE!

So for now pack yourself a bowl, roll yourself a joint, get out the dabbing rig or get your vape ready. However you take it just make it worth it.

Stay High. Stay Golden. Smoke with ya soon…ish.

Any questions, comments, suggestions please write 42strains@toke.com

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