42 STRAINS: Episode 17- Gorilla Glue #1/Halle Berry

More of what you want. 42 STRAINS tries it’s hand at recording long distance in order to bring you more quality episodes. This is a new field for us so please bare with us as we try a few different setups to test which works out best.

In the “studio” we have Surfer Dan joined by the adorable Peaches and the equally adorable Snacks. On the phone we have from the Los Angeles area Double A and his beautiful fiancee Roo.

In L.A. they are smoking Gorilla Glue #1

In “studio” they are smoking Halle Berry.

What more do you need to know?

Oh if you have any questions, suggestions or comments send them to 42strains@toke.com

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42 STRAINS everywhere you wanna be. Smoking your stash!

Stay High, Stay Golden, Smoke with ya soon!

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