42 STRAINS: Episode 19: Sartre & Watersports XXL

To say we have a FULL HOUSE in Schrodinger’s Lounge would be an understatement. So instead we will say we have a Royal Flush.

Surfer Dan, Double A, Peaches, and Snacks are all there of course. Sadly Roo has to be a responsible stoner and go to work. But filling in for Roo we have a returning friend Nikki as well as newcomers Chuck Dante and The Caramel Camel.

We sit down and …well get “philosophical”. Discuss Woke & Boked. And even do the classic stoner faux pas of dropping a glass of water (at least it wasn’t Bong Water). But we kept going because we were honestly too high to hit pause. #SaveSurferDan

Good luck with this super long episode!

Stay High. Stay Golden. And Smoke with ya soon!

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