42 STRAINS: Ep. 22- Smoking on a Budget

Welcome to episode 22 of the fastest growing Potcast in California.

In this extra steamy episode of 42 STRAINS Surfer Dan , Double A ,and Snacks  kick back, relax, and enjoy several bowls in the one and only SCHRODINGER’S LOUNGE for a much needed session.

This time around we discuss stoner life hacks when it comes down to smoking when funds are low (LIKE REAL LOW)

Hot topics are discussed such as The Holy Land (Colorado), Maurice The Mouse, and TIME BOMBS!

So pack a bowl, roll a joint or vape away. However you can and do. smoke along with us. Then TWEET at us, using the links above OR email us at 42Strains@toke.com (ITS REAL GUYS)

Stay High. Stay Golden. & Smoke With Ya Soon!

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